Beauty Secrets of Sports

Beauty Secrets of Sports Celebrities

On the field or in the ring or when zooming down icy slopes on skis, sports celebrities are definitely a cut above the ordinary mortal. They seem so far and distant and beyond reach of the common person but take them away from the sports arena and they have all the needs and wants of everyday life that one normally associates with. And this includes aesthetic and beauty care treatments, not only to portray their celebrity status but also to keep themselves in a healthy condition.

Tough championship sports is no normal fun and games, it is gruelling at times and can take a heavy toll on the psyche, body and skin. Take the example of Alicia Molik, one of the greatest of Australia’s female tennis players. The rough and tumble on the courts can play havoc on the skin and Alicia is no exception in this regard. Opting for the best laser hair removal in Melbourne and other skin rejuvenation processes are naturally the best option in such cases.

While summer games and athletics participants do feel the brunt of tough competitions on skin and hair issues, it is the winter sports celebrities who have to be more careful as their physical appearance is more affected by the harsh effects of inclement weather. Here is a list of winter sports celebrities who have revealed their secrets of staying beautiful regardless of the weather and the competitions.

Gretchen Bleiler, 33: Olympic Silver Medalist and Snowboarder in Aspen, CO
She says that her lips chap easily and hence she uses a balm that has hydrating coconut oil and SPF. Just so that she can remember to use it, she always keeps a tube in her purse or pocket or car.

Lel Tone, 44: Free Skier and Avalanche Safety Instructor in Lake Tahoe, CA
Her beauty secret is to have plenty of water so that she remains hydrated at all times and to be liberal with application of SPF. She says, “The sun is powerful in the winter and it’s easy to get dehydrated. I always have water and sunscreen on hand. Once, while mountaineering in Denali, I got burned on my nose and chin from the rays reflecting off the glacier. I’m careful to cover every area now.”

Apart from the lips that easily get chapped and the issue of dehydration, the skin too tends to lose its lustre and develop blemishes. Occasional acne scar treatment in Melbourne or whichever city the athlete is from is the best method to retain a flawless skin regardless of the rigours of competition or the weather.

These are some of the beauty secrets of sports celebrities.

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