Requirements to build a racing track

Building a car racing track is not easy, in fact there are literally hundreds of things to consider. Crucially things must be just right – get the angle of the chicane even a fraction of a degree wrong and cars will zoom off the track into the stands. Laying a race track is also an expensive and ambitious proposition. You’ll need lots of land, professional and experienced race track builders and a great deal of planning to get things started. Follow the steps given here especially if you do not want to outsource the construction to a specialist agency on a turnkey basis but want to have a hands-on DIY approach.

Estimate your requirements – Assess the needs of the type of racing you have in mind. If it is exclusively for go-kart, the track will have a specific limited size. For cars, it will be a full blown major race track project. For a track which has a 1,000 ft long straight, you will require about an acre of land which is about 45,000 sq ft. Hence, your initial investment which will be the cost of land will depend fully on the location of the race track and property values prevailing there.

Preparing the surface – Mark out the area that you want the track to be using marking string and plywood posts. This should be exactly as per the blueprint that you have had prepared by experts in this field. Next, dig within the lines that have been marked out to a depth of about 6 inches. In this trench, pour one inch of sand as a base and the remaining 5in of concrete. You have to ensure that the track is absolutely level and that the angles of the track at the turns are right. Leave the concrete to harden and water frequently for a few days so that the concrete does not harden too quickly and crack at places.

After that add a layer of tar to the concrete and leave it to dry for a day. Paint road markings on the surface that will guide drivers around corners as well as enable them to race side by side on the straights. You’ll need experienced workers for this task to work with you. It you are from Victoria, contact best labour hire companies in Melbourne and through them hire experienced workers for your project. This is good for other States in Australia too.

Installing protective material – Line the side of route with steel rails and then put old truck tyres over the rails. Tyres are considered to be the best shock absorbing material and protectors against spills and accidents. Add extra tyres at the bends as these are places where cars tend to skid off the track and dash into guard rails. It is common to see plywood sheets fixed to the bottom of the rails. This is to prevent cars that have spilled off the track from getting stuck between the rail and the track.

Build spectator conveniences – This is very important if you want to draw in the crowds and make races held on your track truly entertaining and a spectator sport. It is not necessary that you should go for chairs or a grandstand. Have sloping down to the rails areas where visitors can relax and yet have a slice of the thrills on the tracks.

Once your track is dry and the necessary infrastructure is in place, do a spot of marketing and publicize the newly laid track. When word gets around, you’ll be on your way to a highly profitable business.

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